A Cleaner Development Mechanism (CDM) pilot project, with methane gas extracted from the Weltevreden waste disposal site used as fuel for waste collection vehicles delivering waste to the facility.  The Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa supplied the required equipment.

 The Refutip Multibin tractor and trailer waste collection/transfer system, particularly for use in areas with poor road conditions. Waste can manually be loaded from 85-litre plastic bags or bins, or hydraulically be loaded from 240-litre wheelie bins. The equipment is available from Agricultural and Industrial Machinery (AIM) in South Africa.

A legally compliant trailer developed for the collection of low volumes hazardous health care risk waste from remote rural clinics. The same light delivery vehicle doing weekly deliveries of rations to rural clinics tows the trailer. ISO Bodies in South Africa manufactured the trailer.

An Ecopark developed for multi-material recyclable material collection in residential estates. The facility caters for paper, cardboard, plastic, bottles and cans. A separate containers is provided for e-waste. Interwaste Holdings, South Africa, provided the container.

A multi-material waste separation at source system developed for implementation during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The containers are available from Otto Industries, South Africa.

A rural can crusher and bottle crusher (when used with half a 210-litre steel drum) to provide increased payloads for more cost effective transport of recyclable materials from remote rural communities.

Purpose made onsite recyclable material collection containers for use by restaurants, clubs, etc. The containers are available from Otto Industries, South Africa.

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